Totally Wild Seasoned All-Purpose Fish and Wild Game Breading

Totally Wild Seasonings All-Purpose Fish & Wild Game Seasoned Breading

This Breading is a fully seasoned breading that is not so heavy that it takes over the flavor of fish, game, or meat that you are cooking. This breading is great on all fish and seafood, wild game, chicken, pork or whatever you feel like frying.Totally Wild is also great on vegetables and especially morel mushrooms.

This Breading is designed to be a light breading that should help prolong your frying oil life. For a very nice heavy breading on the product you are frying try dredging fish or meats in lightly whipped eggs before breading. To obtain a lighter breading rinse with cool water and shake off excess, then roll in breading.

This breading can also be made into a nice batter by adding water or beer, and mixing to achieve the consistency you are looking for.

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